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Evangelism Without Additives; What if sharing your faith meant just being yourself?
by Jim Henderson

For those of you who have read any of my previous book reviews, you must be thinking, "In every review, that guy says it is the best book he has ever read! He must be very easy to please."

Actually, I am a very picky reader, but Barbara, Linda, Carol, Julie and other volunteers in the Bon Air Baptist library do a fantastic job stocking the selves and display cases with exceptional literature. And Evangelism Without Additives is no exception.

At first glance, I'm saying, "Boy, this Henderson author has really gotten many of us off the hook regarding sharing the Gospel with non-believers." Just look at these chapter headings: Out of Religion and into Reality; Dump the Religion Business; Boldness is Overrated; Evangelize with Your Ears. Makes you believe evangelizing is as natural as breathing, doesn't it? No need to become a "spiritual salesperson" any longer.

Based on Henderson's references to Scriptures, Jesus certainly did not use any particular formula, step-by-step conversational script, or training program to persuade Jews or Gentiles to believe His message, nor did he expect such from His disciples. Instead, Jesus...

gave people attention, especially unloved folks,

asked a bunch of questions,

truly listened to his audience

and, most significantly, practiced being Himself, being REAL!

The back cover of this book summarizes Henderson's point most effectively. What if you could use routine experiences to nudge others closer to Christ? What if the things we are already doing counted as evangelism in our minds?

Evangelism Without Additives IS the best book I have read on this topic, and it will convince you that spreading the Good News about our Savior involves simply doing things we already do, but with a new purpose, as we connect with non-believers.

This would be a fantastic book for small group study, as it includes a 13 week study and discussion guide.

Steve DeGaetani

The Promise or How God Works All Things Together for Good
by Robert J. Morgan

Grace: "You know that everything happens for a reason."

Bruce: "That is a cliche'. That is not helpful to me. 'A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.' I have no bird, I have no bush. God has taken my bird and my bush."

...from the movie, Bruce Almighty

HOW can things always benefit us when unpleasant--indeed, tragic--events happen?! Thus far this summer,the Gulf oil spill continues to impact thousands of lives and wildlife; four sisters in the Chester area are in survival mode since the murder of their mom and imprisonment of their dad; the Virginia heat wave has destroyed farmers' crops. In what way is God using these things for good?

First, I encourage you to add this book to your home library, along with Streams in the Desert; What's so Amazing About Grace; Jesus, CEO. Morgan's The Promise is now one of my favorites - practical, readable and spirit-sustaining.

The author reminds us, with an examination of Romans 8:28, of God's grace and wisdom in making sure His plan unfolds through our lives, regardless of the obstacles we face. The biblical stories of Paul, Peter, Moses, and others are referenced as clear examples of "those who are called according to His purpose."

Morgan calls Romans 8:28 the verse that gives us reason for "true optimism." But such optimism is conditional:

1. We must love and obey God.
2. We must trust God patiently to do what is best for us.
3. And the hardest one - we must remember that our timing
and His are very different.

I especially like Morgan's opening chapter title and Conclusion - "Cheap Cliche' or Precious Promise?" and "When it Doesn't Seem to be Working Out." After reading his work, I feel strongly that this one verse from Romans is neither a cliche' nor a part of a preacher's "prosperity Gospel." If we truly "know" (trust, believe, have no doubt) that God will ultimately accomplish all goodness through the worst of badness, we will be provided comfort and hope through His grace and peace.

Steve DeGaetani

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON? by Dr. David Jeremiah

Yes, I realize there are numerous books out there about the end times, prophecy, the Book of Revelation, and many other related
topics. However, for those of you who are familiar with David Jeremiah's writing style, this book on earth's final days is one of the most readable. What usually seems to be craziness and chaos in the USA and abroad, Dr. Jeremiah is able to explain in terms of patterns rather than isolated occurrences.

Look at these intriguing chapter headings:

Modern Europe...Ancient Rome
Vanished Without a Trace
Does America Have a Role in Prophecy?
When One Man Rules the World.

Dr. Jeremiah preps us for this journey by making sure we know what signs to look for regarding the end of the world. He clearly connects for us various events and trends from the past several years that have been predicted by God's Word, with a special spotlight on Israel. He then walks us through the ten major biblical prophecies from both testaments that we truly cannot ignore.

Like most texts about our planet's remaining days, WHAT IN THE WORLD...? reminds us of the happy ending for all who are believers --- victory in Jesus Christ! In fact, Dr. Jeremiah's "translation" of the Book of Revelation is not only understandable and entertaining, it will also motivate you to continue to seek opportunities to share the Gospel with non-believers.

If you read this work, the next time someone says, "What in the blazes is going on in our society?!," you will be ready to respond with the truth of God's Scripture!

We thank Steve Degaetani for this review.

WHO STOLE MY CHURCH by Gordon MacDonald

From suits/ties/wingtips to T-shirts/jeans/flip-flops,
From hymns/organs/choirs to Rap/drums/guitars/praise teams,
From attentive & polite worship to an exuberant, Spirit-filled
raised hand praise session,
From being born again, saved, washed in the blood of the Lamb
to join the church and become a follower of Jesus,
And let's face it...
From "old codgers'" traditions to young people change.

MacDonald, a pastor of 5 churches, has developed a story of a fictional church that focuses on a group of older members who have voted against improvements to the church. He invites about a dozen of these members to meet with him weekly to discuss their concerns. He develops the character and foibles of each person and weaves a scenario to show that change is necessary for any organization and that includes churches. The words "shelf life" and "statue of limitations" come up. A hippie and the youth music team are introduced and their effect on the seniors brings about the change the pastor is seeking.

The church is the people, not the building. They belong to the Lord and He cares about them.

We thank Greene Hollowell for this review.

HOW WOULD JESUS VOTE? by James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe

Are you a Democrat? A Republican? Neither?
Are you planning to vote for President in November, or are you so disgusted by politics that you intend to not vote?

Regardless of your responses above, have you ever considered how Jesus might vote in today's America? Dr. Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe present a Biblical basis for their speculation as to what marks Jesus would make on a ballot for president or on a referendum on any number of issues.

The authors get our attention by asking, "Do politics and religion mix?" and "Was Christ a liberal or a conservative?" before they tackle national issues one-by-one.

You could probably predict how Jesus would vote on the always-hot topic of abortion, but what about the very complex issue of illegal immigration? This book also addresses:

stem cell research health-care
death penalty global warming
war marriage
education judicial activism
economics political compromise

The authors acknowledge that none of these controversies are cut-and-dry, but remind us to do some research before supporting any particular candidate for office. The good news is that there is still plenty of time left to find ot HWJV (How Would Jesus Vote) before November 4!


"He spent 40 years on the roof of history, having ascended all the Everest's of life--wealth, fame, love, respect, wisdom. And yet at every apex,--Solomon realized: Not only is it desolate at the top, but at the bottom and everywhere in between."

Does this sound like a very encouraging introduction to a book about life!? Not at all, because that word "desolate" does nothing for me! But wait! David Jeremiah does all Christians a favor by applying Solomon's Ecclesiastes to our quest for a meaningful existence. Think about it. Do you desire happiness, or do you really want joy? Is it contentment that motivates your hard work, or is it really peace?

The notion of "heaven on earth" is truly attainable, but only if you use your spiritual vision--God's perspective--rather than your earthly eyes to seek it. But where in the world do we begin our search for a taste of heaven as we stay distracted by our ordinary lives?

The lessons behind these sample chapter titles will help you take that first step in your heavenly adventure:

"When 1 plus 1>2"
"Bored to Death"
"Life Cheats!"
"Employment Without Enjoyment"
"Life is Uncertain: Embrace It!"

David Jeremiah is encouraging each of us to find out what really matters in life; go ahead and start with this book!

Reviewed by Steve DeGaetani

JIMMY by Robert Whitlow

JIMMY written by Robert Whitlow is a story of a boy on the brink of adolescence who is considered "slow" and "special"...
Slow by the world's standard and special by the people who love him. The story takes place in the little town of Piney Grove, Georgia, where his father practices law and learns the goodness of God in allowing him to raise Jimmy. The only mother he has ever known is not his biological mother but she loves him as her own. When Jimmy's natural mother wants to establish a relationship with him, after being absent eleven years, you feel the anguish of the courtroom where the decision will be made. His grandparents are also deeply rooted in his life with his grandpa being his greatest advocate.

Jimmy's innocence and honesty goes to the heart of devious plans and motives of others, showing them for what they are. The story will steal your heart.

Reviewed by Louise Roberts

CAPTURED BY GRACE--No One is Beyond the Reach of a Loving God
by David Jeremiah

What do you and I have in common with Paul of the New Testament and John Newton, the author of "Amazing Grace?"

Much more than you realize!

Paul, of course, is a very familiar character to Christians, especially because he went from being a zealous persecutor of Christians to become a persecuted believer himself. What about Newton's story? John Newton was a slave trader for his country of Britain. Saved from a boat-smashing storm at sea, he began a conversion experience less dramatic than Paul's but equally powerful in reflecting God's amazing love.

Both men's lives illustrate clearly the power of grace, but the theme of this book is how God relentlessly pursues each of us to offer the opportunity to experience his ever-flowing grace in our lives.

Regardless of the depth of our sins, the extent of our unfaithfulness, or the weight of our guilt and shame, David Jeremiah reminds us that God is all-forgiving and grace-giving. Glance at these descriptions of grace that head each chapter to get a taste of the importance of Captured by Grace:

a captivating presence
a comforting provision
a confident promise.

You, no doubt, have heard Pastor Jeremiah speak on television or radio; now read his very encouraging book, CAPTURED BY GRACE. Then envision Paul and John Newton comparing their stories in heaven!

Reviewed by Steve DeGaetani

EMPOWERED BY PRAISE by Michael Youssef

Honestly, how often do you praise God? No, not thank God, but praise God? There is a difference, you know. Specifically, how frequently does a Christian praise God in all situations?

The subtitle of this book truly captures the essence of Mr. Youssef's theme: "How God responds when you revel in his glory." The blessings and the challenges of praising God are cited, as well as the effectiveness of praise in overcoming negative attitudes and circumstances. Moreover, for those who do not consider themselves as spontaneous in their prayer life, the author provides some suggestions and examples of praise.

Finally, the end of the book contains a study guide, which would be especially useful in a small group study.

The bottom line? Check out this very readable selection in our wonderful church media center!

THE REST OF GOD by Mark Buchanan

SHOULD A CHRISTIAN WORK ON SUNDAY? Here are a sampling of comments heard in response to this question: "Absolutely not!" The Old Testament makes it clear that the Sabbath is to be a day of rest." "The commandment banning work on the Sabbath is not relevant to today's world: stores opening on Sunday, people working 6-7 days a week, and not enough time during the week to catch up on chores." "If I really believe there should be no work on Sunday, then I should not be eating out that day!"

Regardless of your stand on the issue, THE REST OF GOD is a must-read for you. Just listen to the subtitle-"Restoring your soul by restoring the Sabbath." Buchanan covers all the bases in encouraging Christians to relish the Sabbath for the simple reason that God created the Sabbath for man. In fact, this book moves beyond the debate of Sabbath legalism to help us actually find God's rest in the everyday world.

The author's introduction is entitled "Starting to Stop" while his epilogue is called, "Now Stop." In between are chapters that are easy to read and excellent reminders that a person's life is a careful balance of work and rest. Allow these few chapter titles to grab your attention: "Stopping to Find What's Missing," "Stopping to Number Our Days Aright," "Stopping to Remove the Taskmasters," and my favorite "Stopping to Just Waste Time!"

The most important section in THE REST OF GOD describes any Sunday in terms of our being able to anticipate the eternal, ultimate rest of heaven. Think about this for just a moment - shouldn't Sunday be a time in which you and I truly rest in God's presence? Shouldn't Sundays in particular be days on which we can "be still and know that He is God?" What a meaningful and fulfilling way to enjoy heaven on earth!

THE REST OF GOD is a book that I plan to add to my home library - it's terrific!

We thank Steve DeGaetani for these book reviews.